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Society is becoming more diverse, but differences are barriers only when we allow them to be. People want to live and work, as well as their children to attend schools, in communities where they are treated with dignity and respect. The Dignity & Respect Campaign can serve as a unifying effort to help everyone do their part in making your community a better place for all to live—with all of our differences. 

Get Started

> Organize a Pledge Drive. Organize or select an existing  community event to hold a pledge drive. Invite organizations, schools, youth groups, churches, and others in your community to take the pledge.  Encourage others to hold pledge drives and partner on spreading the word about your Campaign.

- Use the free downloadable 30 Tips brochure and poster resources to promote the Campaign and create awareness.  

- Consider launching a pledge contest to see which community organization can achieve the highest number of pledges.  

- Order branded 30 Tips collaterals or a branded webpage and tally page, specifically designed to track pledges for participating organizations in your community. For more information call toll-free 1-855-222 8211 or email: >  

- Order Dignity & Respect Campaign merchandise from the D&R Store: Banners, Tablecloths, T-Shirts, etc. (proceeds from the sales are donated to the D&R for Youth Campaign).

> Establish a Dignity & Respect Council. One of the most effective ways to make dignity and respect a core value of your community is to engage leaders and community members in your local efforts. By creating a local council you can gather feedback and ideas on how to best promote the Campaign in your community. 

- Engage an existing community council or group to promote your Campaign and initiatives to help give your efforts a quick start.

- Promote your Council efforts at community events, fairs, and public meetings.

> Celebrate Dignity & Respect Month. Engage your community in Dignity & Respect Month Initiatives Some communities have launched their Dignity & Respect Month activities with a local proclamation, hosted a kick-off reception or breakfast with a pledge drive, created a Dignity & Respect theme for existing October events, and/or participated in Lend a Hand activity.  The website is updated frequently with suggestions from Councils across the nation, so visit the website for ideas before planning your October activities.

- Consider launching a pledge contest to see which department can achieve the most pledges.

- Visit the website for ideas and Dignity & Respect Initiatives before planning your October activities.

> Interested in the Community Engagement Toolkit? The Toolkit offers instructions on deploying the Dignity & Respect Campaign, establishing a Council, launching D&R Initiatives including the D&R Champion Program, as well as branded brochures, posters, and website pages.  For more information call toll-free 1-855-222 8211 or email: >